GokuMarket is a one-stop for all your digital assets needs, the objective of GokuMarket is to become a safe and secure marketplace for everyone from a novice to a pro to utilize the platform. The focus of GokuMarket is a marketplace that offers more than traditional cryptocurrency services like wallet & exchange services which we have been used to for the past few years. 

GokuMarket is a  decentralized and secure nature of marketplace with artificial intelligence-enabled digital assets escrow mechanism enables various real-world cryptocurrency applications including 

Peer to Peer


Telecom top-ups, 

Prepaid debit card top-ups, 

Precious metals trading, 

Smart OTC trading for small & large volumes, 

Project collaborations & Hiring of freelancers and many more possibilities. 

With the use of High-end secure payments i.e the NFC technology would be the first time enabled for payments using blockchain. 

Open & equal opportunities for various blockchain and artificial intelligence projects to join the marketplace and provide services for GokuMarket users. 

Internal artificial intelligence based products and services such as bots & analytics will help users in maximizing their trading capabilities.

To sumup, GokuMarket’s primary purpose is to build a highly secure cryptocurrency products & services marketplace where users can adapt to cryptocurrency for real-world businesses.