A cryptocurrency wallet is a virtual storage of user’s payment and identification information to streamline the purchase process on dedicated services. Wallet Address - Wallet address is like a bank account number where you can store and view balances associated with an address.
In a wallet, a user can check their balance, Withdraw and also Deposit cryptocurrency.

Type of keys:-
1. Private Key - Is like a Secret PIN number to access the account, which needs to be kept secured, in technical terms private key is a tiny bit of code paired with the public key.
2. Public Key - This is like a bank account number, which can be accessed with the Paired private and for this asymmetric-key encryption is used to decrypt and transform a message to a readable format.

Log in to your Gokumarket account and select Wallet.

  • Balances will show the amount of each coin you have and the total balance will be displayed in BTC.
  • To deposit a cryptocurrency select deposit, similarly to withdraw a cryptocurrency select withdraw.