The GokuMarket Prepaid Debit Card is very similar to a regular debit card and has the same functionalities. The only difference is that the initial loading of the card balance can be made using cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and NEM (XEM) with more cryptocurrencies to be added in the future. 

The GokuMarket prepaid debit card can be topped-up using above cryptocurrencies and has a 2.5% top-up fee, which can be discounted down to 2% if paid using GMC (GokuMarket Credits). USD is the primary currency for top-up and traditional fiat conversions allows the cards to be used worldwide. When you top-up your debit card balance the cryptocurrency payment is retrieved from your GokuMarket cryptocurrency wallet.

Users can get many different perks such as vouchers for free debit cards when they register with GokuMarket and purchase any of below GMC (GokuMarket Credits) Starter Kits:

  • $ 500 worth of GMC = 1 free prepaid debit card 
  • $ 700 worth of GMC* = 1 free prepaid debit card
  • $ 1,000 worth of GMC* = 3 free prepaid debit cards
  • $ 5,000 worth of GMC* = 5 prepaid debit cards
  • $ 10,000 worth of GMC* = 8 prepaid debit cards
  • *Additional perks and benefits apply

In order to get started with the GokuMarket Debit Card, please follow these steps below.

● Visit our GokuMarket YouTube channel ( and watch the Debit Card Tutorial.

● Either click on Debit Card in your Android or iOS GokuMarket APP or login to from your desktop or laptop and click on Debit Card from the menu and follow below steps to purchase your card and top-up your card balance.