The GokuMarket prepaid debit card supports converting the cryptocurrency NEM (XEM) into fiat currency which can be used to withdraw from ATMs in 180+ countries or for shopping from 30+ million merchants off- and online. Prepaid debit cards are more versatile than regular debit cards because they can be used with ease for currency payments all around the globe.” 

The GokuMarket Prepaid Debit Card allows users to easily convert their cryptocurrency and utilize it in the mainstream economy, with some versatile features and great advantages. The prepaid debit card can be used for traditional currency payments with merchants worldwide. 

The GokuMarket KYC verified users can choose their preferred cryptocurrency source for which they want to top-up their card balance with and pay. With the GokuMarket Prepaid Debit Card users no longer need to convert their NEM (XEM) coins into real banknotes, thanks to the GokuMarket debit card where any regular ATM can be used to withdraw cash. These types of cryptocurrency debit cards also allow users to easily make daily payments.