On the KYC screen, after filling the KYC details and uploading the ID and Selfie an OTP is sent for mobile number verification when the user taps the Submit button. However, some users may fail to receive the SMS OTP which is sent to the mobile number due to certain telecom conditions. 

In such cases, users can bypass the OTP verification to continue with the registration by simply clicking on the "Did not receive OTP?link which will appear after 30 seconds of clicking the Submit Button




  • After filling all the KYC details click on Submit, a message will popup asking for an OTP sent to your mobile phone. A timer will also appear for 30 seconds after which if the OTP does not arrive user can go ahead and skip the OTP.


  • Users can click on the Did not received OTP and the KYC details will be submitted automatically. Please note that the mobile number will still be updated.