• Log on to and click on log in.

  • Enter your Email address and password and click on next.

  • The next page will appear as (Enter OTP Sent to your email) Please enter the OTP generated by Gokumarket which will be sent to your register email address. Enter the OTP and Click on Log in.

  • Select wallet from the dashboard and click on deposit.

  • Select  GokuMarket Credit (GMC) 

  • Scan the QR code or copy the alphanumeric wallet address from your above destination crypto wallet.

  • Paste your alphanumeric wallet address in the 'send to' address of your origination crypto wallet, enter the amount of crypto, and press 'send.'

  • Once your crypto has been sent, it will take some time (confirmation) before it arrives and the balance will be updated in your Gokumarket wallet.


  •  Launch the Gokumarket app.

  •  Log in to your account using the registered Email ID and Password.

  •  Click on Wallet

  •  Select Goku Market Credit (GMC)

  •  Select Deposit. Your wallet address for Goku Market Credit (GMC) will be displayed; this is where you need to transfer or deposit from a different Exchange. You can copy the address or share the address.