Gokumarket P2P service allows users to buy cryptocurrency by bringing in CASH and similarly sell cryptocurrency to get fiat directly to the bank account. In GokuMarket's P2P, USDT, BCHSV, GMC, BTC, GRN, PAX, TUSD is used as the primary source of trade to cash in and cash out Fiat. This means that in order to get cash a user would have to sell either of the coins mentioned and to bring in fiat and buy cryptocurrencies user would first have to buy any of USDT, BCHSV, GMC, BTC, GRN, PAX, TUSD.


Let’s see how it actually works:

  • Trader 1, 2, 3 are selling cryptocurrency to get Fiat in their bank account. (Cash Out)

  • Trader B is looking to buy cryptocurrency using fiat. (Cash In)

  • B has placed bids to buy USDT and Trader 1, 2, 3 are selling USDT.

  • GokuMarket would search for a match based on the Bid price and the price asked by the seller.

  • Trader B bid matches the Trader 3asking price.

  • GokuMarket will lock Trader 3’s USDT and ask Trader B to make payment directly to Trader 3's bank account.

  • Trader B transfers FIAT to Trader 3’s bank account and 3 confirms the payment is received.

  • Gokumarket releases and transfers the USDT to B’s wallet.

Please take a look at the introduction video after about 13 minutes. It talks about P2P and how it works:


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