GokuMarket referral marketing program is the wisely designed, collaborative reward facilitation system. The affiliate reward program is the strategic approach for marketing, the affiliate is integrated with the various upcoming trends and technologies, revolutionizing the traditional phases of marketing and expanding their business. 

GokuMarket Referral program is the amalgamation of tactics with which users can leverage benefits from each product sales. Our affiliate program has a user-centric approach groomed with the active as well as passive reward benefits to each user depending on the ranking they have acquired on the affiliate hierarchy.

GokuMarket allows users to optionally participate in a referral program to earn rewards & benefits. The GokuMarket platform has been designed for customers but also provides outstanding opportunities for associates. 

❏ GokuMarket Associates have the potential to earn up to 53% of the qualified revenue generated from each transaction. 

❏ There is no mandatory holding period or locking of funds required for earning referral rewards. 

❏ Referral rewards are distributed instantly in the cryptocurrency paid when the referred user completes a transaction (purchase or trade) on GokuMarket. 

❏ For every transaction on GokuMarket from a referred user, the platform distributes up to 53% of the qualified revenue in rewards by default to the referring associate and his/her referral upline, with the variance of the 53% distribution depending on the respective ranks of the associates connected with the referred user. 

❏ Ranks can only be earned by meeting the specified qualification criteria.