Please follow below step by step on mobile:

  • Launch the Gokumarket App

          Download Android App

          Download iOS App

  • Tap P2P from the Dashboard

  • Select the Cryptocurrency and the Fiat currency from the drop-down menu. (This screen will display the current rate of the cryptocurrency to Fiat). For instance, we selected USDT and either INR/JPY/THB/etc., now tap Next.

  • A popup will appear asking you to Add a Payment Method, tap the Add Payment Method button.

  • Add the payment method of your choice such as your local bank account details. The payment method options will be different according to the country you have registered with.

  • Now create an XID, this ID helps users to find other users of their choice and get the match for their orders quicker. Create the ID and click on the update button.

  • Now, tap the Buy/Sell menu at the bottom of the screen.

  • In order to buy, enter the rate at which you would like to buy in the Price Box, Enter the amount of crypto in the Volume Box.

  • If you want to trade peer-to-peer with a specific user, you can use the XID option by entering the XID of the other user you want to buy from, Tap Add preferred buyer, and enter the XID of the other user.

  • Once all the inputs are completed click on Buy.

  • The order will now be available in the order book until a match is found with a seller.

  • As soon as a seller that is selling USDT at your rate or better places an order, then the order is matched and locked.

  • GokuMarket will then ask the buyer to make the exact fiat currency payment to the seller directly, using the payment method set up, such as a local bank account transfer.

  • Once the seller confirms in the GokuMarket P2P platform that the fiat payment has been received, then the USDT cryptocurrency is automatically released to the buyer's wallet.

Note: if the fiat transfer is not made in a reasonable time, then the matched order is unlocked and canceled and the cryptocurrency is returned to the sellers GokuMarket wallet.